Seeing a neurologist

Posted September 21st, 2009 by admin

I made an appointment with this neurologist and of course the first appointment was just a new patient consultation to tell my story and go home, and don’t forget to make another appointment so that I can examine you.  When I went back for my second appointment the routine exam went well, but I was told I need to make another appointment so they can run some tests.  At that point I decided this doctor is probably taking me for a ride, and I don’t have all this free time from school and work to keep going to the doctor not to mention all the copays.  My search for another neurologist has begun.

Over time I found another neurologist, and when I made my first appointment I made sure it wasn’t just a consult it must include an examination also.  When I told my story to the doctor they seemed eager to try and get to the bottom of this and find a cause for my seizure.  It was speculated that it seems my blood pressure runs kind of low so maybe my sugar levels do also and that may have something to do with the seizure.  So the neurologist decided to order some tests.  I had to come back to the office for an EEG and make an appointment at a hospital to get a 6 hour blood sugar level test.  The blood sugar test was awful.  I remember fasting and not being able to eat the whole time and having to drink some horrible tasting liquid and giving blood every hour.  By the time the test was over I was ready to faint.  Luckily my sister was there the whole time, of course she had to drive me home.   So when the test results come back the EEG was normal and as the neurologist speculated my sugar does seem to run low.  So according to this neurologist it seems that my seizure probably happened cause my sugar was low and if I can control my diet and not let that happen I should probably be seizure free.  Seems like my problem was solved.

As time goes on I graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Biology.   Luckily I haven’t had another grand mal seizure however I did get that pesky pre-seizure feeling pretty consistently.

Was it a Fluke seizure?

Posted August 14th, 2009 by admin

So about 2 weeks go by and I am taking this anti-seizure medication but then I started having other strange symptoms.  To start with I became very sleepy and kind of felt foggy overall.  But then it got serious I suddenly had a very high fever, a red rash all over my body, and I was swollen and puffy.  I called the neurologist who treated me in the hospital but was told there were no appointments available for a few weeks.  Because I was feeling terrible, I went to see my primary care physician instead thinking I might have the flu or something, but luckily he was able to see that my body was having an allergic reaction to the medication and it was serious.  He said to stop taking the anti-seizure drug immediately and prescribed an allergy medication.  I then followed up with the neurologist to see if I should be on a different kind of seizure med. It was decided then that since there was no known cause for the seizure and because it only happened once I would not try other medications.  Instead my driving privileges were restricted for a couple of months, if I stayed seizure free then there was a chance it may not happen again and this was a fluke occurrence.  At that time, I was feeling lucky that I didn’t have to be on meds.

Life goes on a few months after the seizure incident like it never happened, except that I did notice that the strange sensation I experienced before I had the grand mal seizure started coming back.  I would get that pre seizure feeling but then it would go away and luckily a grand mal did not follow.  I thought to myself I can deal with this weird sensation as long as nothing happens afterwards.  And so this goes on for months, I started noticing a pattern of when those sensations would happen and for me it was a few days before my monthly cycle.  Thinking ok since I noticed this pattern my seizure must have something to do with my period, and now I can get to the bottom of this and get this problem resolved.  I made an appt with a gynecologist and during that visit it was explained that my body does go through hormonal changes before my period begins.  However, those fluctuations would not trigger a seizure.  The gynecologist suggested I try seeing a different neurologist and gave me a referral.  So now I am back to square one in trying to find the cause.

My first seizue

Posted August 3rd, 2009 by admin

It all started when I was in my second year of college in chemistry class.  It was an afternoon class, and half way through class a strange sensation flowed through my body.  It started as a déjà vu feeling and then I got really nauseous and started swallowing a lot.  Then the next thing I remember is waking up while I was being wheeled out of an ambulance into the emergency room.  The paramedic was asking me questions and I was answering them as if nothing happened, thinking who are you and what is going on.  That is when he told me I just had a grand mal seizure, I passed out and my parents were contacted and they were on their way.  At that point I was really confused and complained how bad my head hurt.  How could I have had a seizure?  I never had a seizure before.

So after staying in the hospital for a couple of days and going through a battery of standard tests to determine where the grand mal seizure originated I was sent home with no results and prescribed an anti-seizure medication so that it doesn’t happen again.  I had a grand mal seizure, but no one could tell me why.  So about a week later I returned to college and when it came time for me to attend chemistry class I was sure to get there early so that I could piece together what happened from the other students in the class.  I was lucky to have some good classmates who decided to hold my books for me until I came back.  So when I arrived to class the professor was already there, she looked at me with a surprised expression on her face and kept asking me if I was ok.  I reassured her that yes I am ok.  She told me that was one of the scariest days of her teaching career, she had no idea what to do that day.  A student from class had yelled out that she is having a seizure someone call an ambulance.

As my fellow classmates started arriving many of them told me they are happy to see that I am ok.  That is when I learned what I did as I was going through the seizure.  I was told that I was smacking my lips, my body was shaking, and not making any noise.  I was going to fall out of my seat but some classmates assisted me to the floor so that I wouldn’t hurt myself.  The only thing I was thinking was wow I hope this never happens again.